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[edit] Administration: Data > Chemical substances

Using this form the user has the ability to search, modify or registered name of active substance. Observed data: File (INT, Latin, etc.), active code, Name, Source (π.χ. Martindale).
mphasized that the file is parametric: A change in a substance name affects all records of pharmaceutical products containing it.


[edit] Administration: Data > List of values

The auxiliary system files update their respective fields choice (Fields with arrow) that exist in various forms. To change or register a new auxiliary file, the user must first select Language and File (ie class options, such as category Ways include delivery mail, hand, etc. ). After completing Code, Short description andDescription, which will appear in the relevant fields options.
Emphasized that the help files are parametric: A change to a description affects all records that contain it.


[edit] Administration: Workflow > Definitions

The system administrator can import the new definition system workflow anafortonontas the file XML.


[edit] Administration: Workflow > Properties

The system administrator defines new properties step workflow. For example, a step on the submission of a document, the date as a step or steps for temporarily storing a document, as is the location.


[edit] Administration: Workflow > Groups

The system administrator can add or remove user groups. The members of a group of users have the same access rights to the system and can perform the same tasks. However, one user can belong to more than one user groups.


[edit] Administration: Workflow > Users

The system administrator can add new user or delete an existing one. Also the use of this form, associate a user with user groups.


[edit] Administration: Workflow > Tasks

The system administrator can be informed by user for the work assigned and are not yet carry.


[edit] Administration: System > Audit trail file

Using the form of audit trail, the system administrator can perform review of actions taken by each user by type of action and / or a period of time.


[edit] Help images

Image:Alert.gif Displays on the left column of the the screen a relevant alert block
Image:Edit.gif Displays a help window for data editing
Image:Add.gif Adds new record
Image:Delete1.gif Deletes the record
Image:AddRoi.gif Adds a new workflow (XML file)
Image:AddGroup.gif Adds a new user group
Image:AddMoreGroups.gif Relates a user group with a specific user
Image:AddUser.gif Adds a new user
Image:ReAssing.gif The administrator assigns the task to a user

Table navigation toolbox
The 'square buttons' in the middle correspond to the results pages. In this example there are two pages of results. The user is on page 1 (thus is highlighted). From left to right, the navigation images are:
First page | 4 pages backward | Previous page - Next page | 4 pages forward | Last page


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