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The user, after seeking the application of a company, you can edit it by clicking the column in the Navigator. The display showing all information for the application in two panels. The panel data request raises all the information registered in the application. If you need treatment / correction of the erroneous registration, this can be done from the Edit button at the bottom of the panel. You window treatment that offers fields for all items classified in three successive Basics tab, Data Description and costs. The panel Countries reference (at the bottom of the screen) showing the information put forward by the company for marketing some of the countries considered, if indeed this is required by the type of application. If the processing of the application requires the recording and reporting of other countries, this will be the countries reference function. (If the user to add here will affect the company's application). Emphasized that the manager application can be used if the Pharmaceutical Services have received a request in a letter (hardcopy) and needs to be registration of the application electronically by staff of Medical Services (using the buttonIntroduction) . Data on the name of the CIS, the medicinal product and packaging taken directly from the files of companies and medicines kept in the database of Medical Services. The same function is used for cases where the pricing of a medicinal product has resulted from an internal process of Medical Services (rather than the company's application).

After a search request, the next step is to initiate the administrative procedure for processing the application. This is achieved by pressing the button procedure in line recording. With the start of a process request is automatically transferred to the panel proceedings and is now searchable by agency procedures. If the user does not convey a request procedures will not be able to continue to process. In addition, the user can enter the stage reached in the process (provisional acceptance, final acceptance, processing, approval, integration). The completion stage is automatically updated when the request is processed. If the user clicks the mouse with the registration table will be "transferred" automatically to the Procedures to elaborate further on the specific application.

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