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Drug Pricing System "welcomes" the applications by companies through the online service for applications for setting / price increase physician. The pricing system is available all those requests for price fixing have been submitted over the internet (or temporary applications from the external user (company) or finalized) and applications can be introduced into the system the specialized user Pharmaceutical Services. The display consists of two panels. The panel offers applications to query and display applications and the panel claims the application procedure for which has started the process (ie based on the application has started an administrative procedure) and the state of the processing.

In detail, the use of this e-service offered by the system user has the ability to search applications, management applications and initiated an administrative process based on a specific request:

By setting a criterion or a combination of search criteria can be draws from the database all records that meet these criteria. Search criteria is the CIS application of the medicinal product for which application was made, the code, the status of the application on the internet (temporary, permanent), the treatment situation of the application (not initiation, pending, completed), the time limit (from date / up) application, the type of request (for an Introduced or pharmaceutical product manufactured on-site), if the copy or original product and then if the application was made for setting a new value for a statement or a lower price increase. Emphasized that the name of CIS and the medicinal product drawn directly from the database of Medical Services. After setting the search criteria and click the Search button, the table filled with all the records that meet these criteria and each application is identifiable by a unique computer code application, type the company's pharmaceutical product, date . application and application status. If the user clicks the mouse over the record of the application can update the record with the registration number or change the date and application status. At the same time offered the ability to manage the application (buttonManager) and then certifying that the application is complete continuity (Processbutton) to the process.

Administration of application

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