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The display service processing procedure consists of four panels that are used by the system depending on the scenario calculation (algorithm for calculating the value) chosen.

a. Countries concerned
The table on the panel of reference countries is filled with records relating to all the reference countries (like in the countries reference standard) and showing the proportion of the relevant medicinal product in those countries. These entries are entered by the system, but it is the responsibility of qualified staff of Medical Services to supplement or modify the validity of the information is missing. In detail, the table contains information regarding the name of the drug in the reference country (the system proposed by the same name), the content and the unit of the form (same as the form of the drug so it can be the adjustment of the preparation / composition and thus the comparison of prices), the quantity and unit of packaging, the rate of adjustment of the pack and composition as revealed by the calculations of the system, the wholesale and retail price and rate and currency of the country of reference in relation to the euro. Finally, given the user the ability to use or not the country of reference in the calculation. This is achieved by specifying control (if the option is checked (on) then the country which takes part in the calculation if the option is not is checked (off) the reference country does not take part in the calculation and we have the entry in the table) . In this way the user application has the ability to do multiple test calculations to reach the advantageous combination of reference countries (as always with the constraints resulting from the legislation of the country) that produce the lowest price.

b. Third Countries
The table in panel Third country filled with a record that displays the information based on the request of the company and to the wholesale price (this takes place), the wholesale price of the application, retail price, the ex factory price (with This becomes the calculation), the ex factory price of the application, the exchange rate and currency of the importing country relative to the euro. The user can check the correctness of the wholesale and ex factory price (the system proposed as initial values, rates of application) if it disagrees may amend them.

c. Generic
Used when processing an application for a generic product and includes a table with the related original and detailed price list, as it is registered in the application.

d. Monitoring
The monitoring panel showing detailed information obtained from the calculation of the price. Details:

  • Indicates Update pack (yes / no): The user can activate the algorithm for calculating the price and whether or not to take into account the adjustment package.
  • Calculation: Each time the user presses the Calculate button, the algorithm for calculating price triggered by the most recently updated information.
  • Calculated value: The system displays the last stored value. The user can modify the data apply (eg number of countries reporting) and obtain a new result which can compare the saved result.
  • Current estimate: The effect of the latter algorithm is triggered.
  • Rate application: The price proposed by the applicant (company) in the electronic application for setting price is present.
  • Price: The final price for the product as shown by comparing the value of the request with the value of this calculation.
  • Saving: The user can save the final price if he considers it valid (as the result of comparing the value resulting from the calculation and the price proposed in the application). In result, this value will appear in the Calculated Price field.

The storage of the calculated value does not mean automatic transfer of the product price to the official price list. The process of transferring the calculated value for the process in the price list is the service Procedures.

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