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The Price Control System is an integrated financial management information for medicinal products, which offers the opportunity cost of medicines and the establishment of wholesale and retail price on the basis of algorithms for calculating the reference price (Reference Price). Main objectives of the subsystem is to control the price of the product, the implementation of government policy in the implementation of cost accounting procedures and historical monitoring of prices.

General Description of functionality
The screen interface (interface) consists of the main menu bar (main menu bar) and from the desktop that is separated into two parts. To the left of the screen is a list (menu) of the main options for the information system classified into logical groups and work on the right side of the screen - depending on the choice of the list - the forms processing and data management.

In the initial screen of the system is the list of key options that are organized into three categories:
a. Rules: Includes all those options that are necessary for the adoption of all rules must apply to the proper functioning of Drug Pricing System
b. Works: Contains options necessary to manage and process applications for determining the drug.
c. Price List: Includes all options needed for the management and processing of financial data

same time the central portion of the screen display cabinet with two tabs:
a. General Tab: Displaying information useful to the user of the system as the number of outstanding applications and the system date
b. Tab Pending applications: a table with all the outstanding requests include details of the application code, the company has filed a default / price increase, the medicinal product which has made the request, the deadline for response to the pharmaceutical and the remaining time in days from the date the system up to date. If the user clicks the application with the mouse line of the application will be transferred to the page Procedures for this application.

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