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The user is in front of to the core of the main application screen that appears three dynamic tabs (depending on the options chosen in previous step)
a. Basic info : Displays information useful for the application and the user can fill in other information in free form text that will accompany the application.
B. Detail info: User searches for the medicinal product for which the application is made. Typing three characters in the field Medicinal product system automatically suggests medicinal products which contain the word in the sequence of characters that is typed user. Note that the system proposes only medicinal products for which the company requested in price is MAH. By selecting a product packaging field filled with all packages (if more than one) in which the product is marketed. This information is drawn from the database of Pharmaceutical Services based.
C. Cost Description : User enters the analytical estimate (numerical value in euros) in the appropriate fields if you want to declare the cost level that affects the requested maximum value.

More specifically, in our screen completion card appears Basic data and analytical data when it comes to imported medicinal product (figure 1 and figure 2)

Image 1 Image: HelpEnglishStep2_1.jpg

Figure 2 Image: HelpEnglishStep2_2.jpg

while on-site prepared pharmaceutical preparations displayed additional cost description tab (figure 3)

Picture 3 Image: HelpEnglishStep2_3.jpg

Then the user can enter the value of the drug in the reference countries if indeed show the type of application.

[edit] Reference countries

The table contains drug prices (which made the application in Cyprus) applicable to reference countries. The table is completed only if required by the type of application. The user enters data of the drug that circulates in the market of reference countries by pressing the (+) button at the top left of the table.


These data will be taken into account in the pricing process of the drug. The user can register by reference country, the name of the drug in this country, the packaging, mandatory the Wholesale price and currency and optional the Retail and Ex Factory price.


Finally, the table will include all pricing that the user wants to register for the reporting countries.


Clicking "Next" is given the opportunity overall supervision of the application Final submission

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