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[edit] Overview

The Overview tab appears on the home page of the system and briefly informs the user about the number of tasks assigned and the number of alerts that are pending about GMP, PSUR, marketing authorization, application deadline or deadline for replying to an e-mail.

The overview is personal and relates to each user individually according to the procedure and the case.

For a detailed presentation of the tasks or alerts, the user must select the appropriate card by clicking the relevant bookmark (in this example the user selects the tab Tasks).

[edit] Tasks

The external, via internet, applications, for the pharmaceutical companies (1. Application for new marketing authorisation, 2. Application for a variation of a marketing authorisation and 3. Application for the renewal of a marketing authorisation) create new tasks for the staff of the Pharmaceutical Services.

Based on the relevant workflows, each user while entering the system and by using the form Tasks may have a direct overview of the work to be carried out either by himself or by the user group in which he belongs.

The system provides sufficient information (type of application, type of procedure, step of workflow, pharmaceutical product, priority, creation date) as well as calculates the deadline of the task. The user selects the button Management to carry out the task.


Go to Workflow data > Actions

[edit] Alerts

By using the tab Alerts, the user is immediately informed of pending cases by type of case and deadline.

The system alerts about the duedate of GMP, PSUR, marketing authorization or replying to e-mail [selection field type] as well as calculates the days till duedate [field selection Days till duedate]. If the user selects the option Other the system allows hime to search by a specifice time period by using the calendar, as shown in the following example.

The table of results shows the alerts. The system informs about the days till the duedate and by highlighting the duedate offers immediate visual information:

- Red: Expired
- Orange: Expires in less that 10 days
- Yellow: Expires in less that 30 days
- Green: Expires in more than 30 days

[edit] Help images

Image:ManageTask.gif The user undertakes the task
Image:ReAssing.gif The administrator assigns the task to a user

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