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After validating the data the user access the application go to the tab of the company represents. In form it may look all applications already submitted to the Pharmaceutical Services as search criteria by placing the medicinal product, application status (temporary enabling further processing or final submission), the type of application (whether it is imported or manufactured on-site medicinal product) and the evolution of the application (not initiation, pending or completed) that the stage reached in the processing.


Search results update the list of applications which relies on each application password application number, press the medicinal product for which application was made, the date of application and date of response from the Pharmaceutical Services, the State of Application and development of the treatment process. The response date is the deadline by which pharmaceutical services must complete the processing of the application in accordance with Cyprus law.


The application of the company are valid for Pharmaceutical Services only if the situation is Final presentation. If the status is Temporary submission, application can be deleted from the system. If a new application, the user presses the button New application or the appropriate Plus sign on the left top corner of the table.

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