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The service procedures serve the administrative procedure for processing applications from companies for setting a price increase physician. First motion of the user is to explore the process that he wishes to proceed. The criteria for such a search can be defined as medicine, the code of the application, the type (if the billing process has come at the request of the company or by an internal process of Medical Services) and the word confirmation (ie be retrieved from database those procedures whose results are confirmed by decree). Stressed that the applications for which have not started the same process (using the service Applications) not will appear in the results list. All applications displayed basic information consists of the computer code of the application, the type of application, the name of the product and the packaging, the company has applied for determining value, the calculated value is obtained by calculating the system, the date of ratification (if the price has been confirmed by decree) and the indication whether the price has passed the annual price list.

From the list of results by the user of the application may choose the procedure that will process by pressing the Select button in the column of the table. If the selected process has already passed the stage of editing the system presents in detail all transactions made in order to calculate the price of the product. Next to each line of user information is displayed Information Image:Info.gif, attention Image:Info2.gif or grave mistakeImage:Delete3.gif. The term means a serious mistake and automatically stopping the process when the user should modify the data of the process and try again. If the user agrees to the information system can click next step and the process forward in the process oftreatment. Otherwise need to modify the data of the process and try again.

To be moved - after the processing of the application - a calculated value of a product to the official list price, the authorized user should modify the registration process that is to add date validation (Ministerial Decision date) and check the wordsConfirmation.

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