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The search for a company can be perfomed with two ways:
Simple Search
Search by entering one or more characters of the code of the company and / or the name of the company.
Advanced Search
Search using many different search criteria (registration number, group of companies, ECC, etc.). The search query can be saved by clicking the Save button.
Saved Search
The user by using the selection field Saved Searches selects the desired saved search query. The system presents the new search results.

Table of results
Company information
Help images

[edit] Table of results

Based on the criteria the user has set, the system presents the relevant results in a table, as the following example shows.
At the bottom of the table a message displays the number of relevant records and the number of pages. Each page shows ten results.
To display detailed information about a specific company, we click on the code in the first column.

Table navigation toolbox
The 'square buttons' in the middle correspond to the results pages. In this example there are two pages of results. The user is on page 1 (thus is highlighted). From left to right, the navigation images are:
First page | 4 pages backward | Previous page - Next page | 4 pages forward | Last page
From the selection field of reports, the user can produce various result reports as well as choose the type of the report file: Microsoft Word (rtf) | Acrobat Reader (pdf).


[edit] Company information

By choosing a record from the table of results, the systems shows details of the company.

The left column of the screen presents help blocks:
The user can choose to print any part of the company information or full data.
Company details
Displaying administrative data, pharmaceutical data, contacts, certifications, products.

Modifying data
Each block corresponds to a relevant form of the available data. The user can modify and edit this data.
For help in using these forms, click here.


[edit] Help images

Image:Alert.gif Displays on the left column of the the screen a relevant alert block
Image:Edit.gif Displays a help window for data editing
Image:Word.gif Produces a Microsoft Word file (rtf)
Image:Pdf.gif Produces a Acrobat Reader file (pdf)
Image:Add.gif Adds new record
Image:Delete1.gif Deletes the record


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