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The search for a company may be entering one or more characters of the name and / or the name of the contact.

Table of results
Contact information
Help images

[edit] Table of results

Under the criteria set by the user, the system presents the results in tabular form, as shown in the following example.
At the bottom of the table display a message informing about the number of relevant records and the number of pages. Each page shows ten results.
To display detailed information about a specific contact on the scoreboard, we click on any element of desire.

Table navigation toolbox
The 'square buttons' in the middle correspond to the results pages. In this example there are two pages of results. The user is on page 1 (thus is highlighted). From left to right, the navigation images are:
First page | 4 pages backward | Previous page - Next page | 4 pages forward | Last page


[edit] Contact information

Choosing the scoreboard one record, show contact details for the contact.

The left column of the screen displays utility block administrative data.

Editing data
The choice of the block shows the central portion of the system corresponding form to the information available. The user can modify and change these elements.
For assistance using these forms, click here.


[edit] Help images

Image:Edit.gif Displays a help window for data editing


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