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External, via internet system applications, targeting pharmaceutical companies (1.Request new authorization '2. Variation ', and 3. Refresh registration ' ) allow electronic filing of the application.

Using the search form application, the user can find the applications submitted and to make arrangements.

For updated information operations, management related digital and physical records, correspondence, workflow steps and historical overview, the user selects the card, 'Quick search request'.< br> For actions related to meetings of the Council Medicines and related tests of applications, the user selects the card 'Agenda'.

Simple product application
Receive and Start Workflow
Help images


[edit] Simple product application

The user initially set search criteria to find requests that have katatathei. The scoreboard shows the relevant records. For a detailed presentation of a particular application, the user may click on any item on the desired entry in the table.
Auxiliary blocks on the left side of the screen allow the user to make a series of actions:

  • Data request
    • Edit general information: legal form, type of procedure, application number, number of procedure, a country, file number, status information request (Submission, Receipt, Ongoing, Termination, Completion), dates, payment information (method of payment, amount, check number or bank transfer
    • Managing digital and physical files: The user can read the files submitted digitally (via internet) and to update the system for the storage conditions (location, storage) of natural archives (eg example documents, cd, box, etc.)
    • Update mail: The user is advised of the correspondence by step process of entering dates, text mail, response time etc.
  • Elements workflow
    • Actions: Read detailed in subsection actions.
    • Overview workflow history: The history tab workflow presents in chronological order the steps taken during the process management application offering detailed information (start and end of pitch, time, time, user processed step, comments, other information). At the same time directly inform all the days of the procedure, the number of days before the deadline, all day clock stop (period during which the agency expects a response from the applicant and not synopologizetai for the deadline).

[edit] Receive and Start Workflow

The user selects the button Receive and Start Workflow to start the same workflow (initiation). Image:WorkflowStart_01.gif

[edit] Actions

Using this form Action, the user selects the next-by-step procedures to be performed.


Tab Private comments user record reviews visible only through the system. Instead, the tab Public comments recorded comments are visible to the relevant pharmaceutical company has submitted an application through the relevant external application.

The menu buttons that appear at the bottom of the card remains inactive until the user completes the step by completing the fields in the tab Step Details. The buttons vary depending on options step of the process is the user.

Step Details

Table tab shows all the mandatory attributes that the user must complete in order to complete this step.
Above table shows the optional system properties, which if desired, the user enters the table for completion.
Upon completion of the filling properties, button-down menu activated and the user can continue.

Note: The scope of choice Select tasks shows all planned by the workflow work-steps. At this
point the user has the option to choose either one of these tasks or to avoid its
responsibility to implement it. In this case, the work now appears on the main screen of the
system tab Tasks -> My Pooled Tasks.

For more information on administrative procedures for processing applications read:

[edit] Agenda

Using the tab Agenda allows selection of applications are being review by the Council for Medicinal Products.
If the search criterion is date, the results are those applications that date are in the agenda.

By click on the Date field provision of the scoreboard to the desired record, utility box enables the user to Enter date agenda.

The search results can be printed on reports file type Word (rtf) or Acrobat Reader (pdf).

[edit] Help images

Image:Alert.gif Displays on the left column of the the screen a relevant alert block
Image:Edit.gif Displays a help window for data editing
Image:Word.gif Produces a Microsoft Word file (rtf)
Image:Pdf.gif Produces a Acrobat Reader file (pdf)
Image:Add.gif Adds new record
Image:Delete1.gif Deletes the record
Image:Details.gif Displays more details for the record
Image:Add2.gif Adds new option

Table navigation toolbox
The 'square buttons' in the middle correspond to the results pages. In this example there are two pages of results. The user is on page 1 (thus is highlighted). From left to right, the navigation images are:
First page | 4 pages backward | Previous page - Next page | 4 pages forward | Last page


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