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The user can search for an existing product group by code and/or by name. The results appear in the result table.

By clicking any detail of a row of the table, more details for the specific group appear. The left menu Product Group Details offers to the user the ability to review or even alter the administrative data (code, name) as well as the products that belong to the specific group.


[edit] Help images

Image:Edit.gif Displays a help window for data editing
Image:Add.gif Adds new record
Image:Delete1.gif Deletes the record
Image:Details.gif Displays more details for the record

Table navigation toolbox
The 'square buttons' in the middle correspond to the results pages. In this example there are two pages of results. The user is on page 1 (thus is highlighted). From left to right, the navigation images are:
First page | 4 pages backward | Previous page - Next page | 4 pages forward | Last page


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