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.cy When these two letters appear at the end of an address (eg http://www.moh.gov.cy), means that the page is Cyprus.

.gov When these three letters appear in a URL (ie http://www. moh.gov.cy), means that the page belongs to a government agency.

Account Our subscription to a provider of electronic services.

Administrator The person responsible for overall supervision and maintenance of a system, computer network or application.

Attachment File attached electronically to an email or a file.

Authentication Login User of the system. It involves identifying a combination of user name (username) and a password (password) to access a user account (account).

Backup Backup copy. Making a copy of a file, a magnetic data medium or a database for security..

Browser A program that enables you to read information on the Web (World Wide Web).

Bug Programming error. In that case, you must update your system administrator.

Button Graphic plate with a click of the mouse actions operate a program.

Cache Hidden memory in the hard disk of a computer. It serves as a makeshift store data for the fast transmittance. For example, the withdrawal of a Web page to load this page is from the cache.

Check box Box in a form that the user can be "ticked" with one click. Alternatively it may be in the shape of circles, so called radio button.

Click Pressing your cursor on an element that is activated and running an application.

Combo box Field by arrow. The user selects the form data and does not register.

Command A directive giving to test a computer program or an application program.

Content Management 1. The preservation, enhancement and updating of information and content portal. People responsible for this work are also involved in the format and appearance in the Gate (way, shape, frequency, etc.). 2. Content management system. These systems manage digital data of any kind, ie Web-Content, SMS, Text and Video.

Data The information processed by an information system at work.

Directory The inventory records maintained by the operating system on a disk. In each directory entry containing the name of the file, the extension, size, date and time created or last time, and location of the beginning of the file.

Disk A disk with magnetic coating, which has the computer and used to store information.

Domain name Part a URL that follows the words http://www. or http:// and ends with a semicolon. Example of the URL http://www. moh.gov.cy the domain name is moh and the domain is. gov.cy.

Download Have, quote, retrieve, download. The Internet and various on-line services a user can often download and copy data on the hard disk of his computer. The download data is an important function and additional utility of the Internet.

Edit The modification of the contents of a file or a text or recorded data in a form system.

e-Goverment The term refers to all the services the government offers to citizens through the Internet.

E-mail Messages sent over the Internet to recipients. Via e-mail obtained by the quick transfer of mail as well as images and text. Your e-mail is one of the most popular services on the Internet.

Extension A culmination to four characters, which can be added to a file name to identify more precisely the contents, ie . doc, xls, pdf, etc.

FAQ Acronym for Frequency Asked Questions, which means "frequently asked questions. Used to describe a unit or program, in which questions are answered-known users of the service. Ie In a manual (manual).

File A named collection of information stored on disk. Usually contains data, graphics, or a program.

File name A name with limited characters using the computer's operating system to find a file on disk.

Form A form of the system allows the user to enter, to modify, delete or recover data that is sent to a server for processing. The forms like literature, because supplement users using text fields and selection fields.

FTP File Transfer Protocol. FTP is the File Transfer Protocol and is a model in which using special programs (FTP Clients) can download the Internet files on your computer or upload files from your computer to a remote computer.

Hits The total number of sending files from a Web Site to a user as measured Hits. These files may be elements of the page visited (eg images, texts, the same page, etc.). The Hits previously announced as part of a traffic page. It is not size measuring traffic, not as a set visit.

HTML The acronym for Hypertext Markup Language, which means "Language Notes hyperlink" and used in writing pages for the Web (World Wide Web). Allows you to include in the text that define fonts, formatting, embedded graphics, links and hyperlinks. These pages are stored in files usually have extension. Htm or. Html.

HTTP The acronym for Hypertext Transfer Protocol, which stands for "Hypertext Transfer Protocol", ie how to transport all the Web pages (World Wide Web) in the network. The URL of the Web addresses begin with http://.

HTTPS A variation of HTTP that encrypts messages for security reasons.

Hyperlink An object which upon selection and activation or lead to other information or perform an application.

Input/Output General term which refers to devices and procedures related to reading (input) and write (output) data of the computer.

Interface The boundary between two systems, such as a driver disk and the computer or user in the program.

Internet A vast network of many different interconnected computers (Servers) which are connected through a common communication protocol. The Internet has this moment millions Servers and Users billion daily exchange of information.

IP Address Address in the form of sequence numbers attached to each computer or network is connected to the Internet. An IP address is 4 parts with decimal numbers from 0-255 for each part. ie A computer can acquire a different IP address each time it is and, conversely, an IP address may correspond to several different computers, for example when using a local Web Server (proxy server).

Java Programming language developed by the U.S. company Sun Microsystems. The Java language allows for building web applications that work regardless of operating system user.

Keyword Used to end a search. Example Keyword Search (when someone searches on a search engine with keywords).

Link Connections that can take you to another document or another part of the same document. On the Web, links appear as highlighted text or images. To follow a link you must click on the highlighted item. Any reference or application within a Web page, which upon selection (click) the mouse, transfer the user to another place internally or externally. Links can be a word, a phrase or an image.

Log file Archive which preserves a record of all movements and transactions made by users or hidden features of the systems.

Navigation menu Term describing the available options in a Web Site or the program, which gives users the possibility of navigation between the different thematic areas.

Offline Lack of association computer to other computers or databases or contact with the Internet.

Online Direct electronic connection to other computers or databases.

Operating System A program that coordinates the operation of all parts of a computer system.

Page A document or a collection of information is available via the Internet. Each page can contain text, graphics files, sound files, etc.

Parameter A restriction placed with an order (command) and becomes clearer.

Password A password used for secure connection to the system.

Path List of directory names that specify the location of a directory or file.

Tab Order forms on cards. The use may be transferred from one card to another by clicking on the label (at the top of the card).

Text box Field in a form in which the user can enter information.

Toolbar Line functions, ie icons (links) to a Web Site or program.

Update Modifying a file by creating a new (or updated) version that includes new or improved features.

Upload Data transmission from a user's computer to another computer through the Internet. eg Upload via FTP the pages of our Web Site to Web Server.

User User an online service or the Internet in general.

Workflow A workflow is a model that represents real work and organization of an agency. The workflow as a term is used by the electronic programming services to use software in performing administrative tasks. A workflow consists of a series of related steps, so this is a representation of a sequence of actions a person, group of persons or organization staff.

XML file The XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a language, which contains a set of rules for electronic text encoding. Defined by the international standards body W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). XML is designed with an emphasis on simplicity, generality and utility of the Internet. It is a text format data, with strong support Unicode for all world languages.

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